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What I'm up to lately...
 Yup, back to school again. And back to the oil paints. Only one studio course this semester so all you'll see of me school-wise is head portraits. Still... I think I'm getting better? A little? I still suck at taking photos of my work though. So much glare. :P They're in order of completion, done over the first two weeks of class. I got two weeks to do #3, so he's the most detailed. 



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They are very very good.

Criminy, but you're amazing... ♥

Oh these are gorgeous. Looking good hun!! Keep up the amazing! =D

Amazing! Third one looks so professional!


These took my breath away. Like, I feel all fluttery now.


Seriously, seriously, amazing.

fffffffffff your art is beyond gorgeous!! can I somehow like take a blood sample and inject it to get some of your talent

Lovely work! You draw age lines very well! I always had trouble drawing models over the age of 30 because I couldn't figure out wrinkles for the life of me!

Wow, these are all really awesome! Love your work on the old guy's beard and eyebrows.

Sooooo awesome! Gah, I am super jealous of your talent! Love the attention to detail. Seriously ILU. :)

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*froth* Seriously gorgeous work! Especially love all the texture goodness going into old dude's hair/bushy beard! :D

(Deleted comment)
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