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Hey F-list!
 What's popular right now? What do you think is gonna be big at the cons this summer? We're looking for ideas for new badges. :) What's got the biggest/fastest growing fandoms? Thanks! <3

As for Hetalia... we've got the axis, the allies, US/UK and Germany/Italy badges. If we were going to make another, what is the next most popular thing?

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yeah, we do have a few. You're totally right. Holmes is a brilliant idea.

Seconding Holmes/Watson. The fandom has exploded what with the new movie out. :D

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Just based on my casual observations, the Hetalia fandom looked like it was going pretty strong last I checked. I have no idea about the series, but.

Not anime either, but there's a shit-ton of people interested in the new Star Trek reboot on the internet.

LOL thirding Holmes/Watson from the comments above. Hetalia too. And Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji (I hope I am spelling that right) seems to be popular as well

Have you made a D18 badge yet?! Or all possible Reborn! pairings. It's like that series was MADE for it. o_O;

Weird thing about Reborn: V. popular, v. fanatical fans. THEY DON'T BUY THINGS. We have 8059, 5927, a Mukuro badge and a Reborn badge and none of them sell very well. A lot of 'squee!' but no sales. There's TONS of Reborn art in AAs though so it may just be oversaturation.

Hmm interesting. o_O;; Um, Gintama? Seems like it's becoming more and more popular these days. There are lots of Gin/Hijikata and Okita/Kagura shippers. Dunno if they like buying things though.

HOW ABOUT MOAR HETALIA?! LOL I like wouldn't even know what to suggest though since you have the big ones covered and then after that it's all like "But I like this really awkward pairing that no one else likes"

Seriously do Izaya/Shizuo or like idk who's no top lol Shizuo/Izaya (D18 lol no seriously they look like D18) form Drrr! Cuz the popularity for that shit is insane! Not my OTP but it's stupidly popular

Seconding Drrr!!/Durarara!! I don't quite get it yet, but it's everywhere I look.

Oh but have something with Russia on it or Prussia cuz they're super popular D=

I'd definitely recommend hopping the DRR!! wagon -- at least for Izaya/Shizuo. For Hetalia -- well, people like Prussia. a lot. Totally need a Jet/Zuko badge, for sure. MOAR STAR TREK is always good imo. :3

Hetalia...oh, boy!

US is the fandom bicycle over here, so Russia/US and Canada/US are the next two most popular I see. Also, FrUk (France/UK) and Russia/Liet and Russia/Prussia are pretty popular. Although, honestly, a Prussia by himself would likely go over better than pairing him with anyone...especially if you have him with Gilbird.

Russia/China has a decent following. In Japan, UK/Japan is actually a huge pairing (as is US/UK and US/Japan), but we don't see so much of Japan over here.

Honestly, just browse the Kink Meme for which pairings are being requested and filled, and you'll get a good idea.

For the yaoi girls, do you have Viewfinder badges? With Amane coming back to Yaoi-Con, and a new chapter of Viewfinder just released, those might do well.

But besides Hetalia, I don't even know what's hot. Black Butler, maybe? If you can wait 3 weeks, I can tell you what's hot in Japan (although I'm sure you have someone from Japan on your FL...haha). Except what flies in Japan doesn't always fly over here (see: Lamento)...

I saw a TON of Ouran Host Club at Katsucon this year.

Soul Eater has been pretty big lately too.

Seconding Soul Eater. It gets recced to me a lot and I saw a BUNCH of cosplayers at Otakon from it last year.

Also seconding Kuroshitsuji. And I can't tell if it's my flist or if it's actually popular but that series with the demon baby that looks like Zoro seems to come up all over the place.

(Deleted comment)
there is nothing good for anime wise... though I think FF13 will get big? cause it just came out.

why don't you just mix fandoms and make it as fucked up as possible?

shizuo and izaya in america and UK outfit with blue na'vi skin having sex with their hair in enterprise COCKpit.


I am going to draw this, E1n. And put it on a badge. And you WILL wear it.

I dunno about what's popular but I want to commission something from you ;___; if you're going to Otakon I wanna pick it up in person xD fufufu if not I'll just send you monies... xDD I want a badge from you guys D: anything I could suggest nobody would buy >__>;; cause I like the odd old guys in OP

... also yes you should SO do crack xD

-Tenth Doctor and Master badge. Or a Master Badge for the I heart bad guys selection. Tenth Doctor could be I <3 <3 the Doctor.

-ALSO BIG DADDY BADGE. (World's Greatest Dad Badge.)


-Oh yes and Rorschach from Watchmen... truuuuust me.

-Sexy older Link. Like Twilight Princess Version.

-If FF13 picks up then do one of those characters... it just came out yesterday/today so I'm not sure the response but Final Fantasy = sweet money.

All I can think of right now...

ALSO BIG DADDY BADGE. (World's Greatest Dad Badge.)


Are you as strong as MY Daddy?!

i agree with the Russia/US and France/UK badges. also...Prussia on his own with Gilbird i'd agree with too.

I agree that you should make Holmes/Watson! As well as 10th Doctor/The Master. Also... The Doctor/Jack Harkness. <3

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