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 I haven't been on LJ in months. I am having so much trouble keeping up with any social networking aside from the stuff that comes up on my TweetDeck. I want to apologize to the people who I only have friended here on LJ. I just haven't had time to keep up with anything that isn't work or art. And reading LJ takes a big chunk out of my day. If you want to know what's up with me, I suggest following me on twitter @thejadeprince or keeping track of me at which is where all my energy is going these days. :) 

I'm not to the point of deleting my account or anything, it's just not something I'm checking every day. 


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I often resemble that. No worries. :)

Enjoy some pics of puppies:

Wow, that is a cute puppy! lol. :)

I pop on my lJ every so often and leave a 'hey find me on here, cause I rarely check' post too.

I think I'm stalking you on every other social network, so all is good xD <3

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